• Agha's Special Nihari

    Agha's most popular entree! Try our slowly cooked and simmered nihari with our hot and soft, buttery naans. 

  • Agha Catering for Your Special Occasion!

    Agha Restaurant has partnerd with Premier Events Hall to provide your favorite eateries at your next gathering! Contact Khadiza at 404.384.9094 for more info.

  • Kabab Roll

    Enjoy a tasty snack anytime! Our Kabab Roll is made with delicious spices rolled and up in a flaky paratha with onions and a special house yogurt chutney

  • Chef's Specialty: Agha's Dhaaga Kabab

    Delicious perfectly spiced beef kababs cooked to perfection in our tandoor (clay oven)

  • Kashmiri Falooda

    Come enjoy a real falooda! Our faloodas are made with the finest ingredients and packed full of flavor! Choose from a variety of flavors including Original, Kashmiri, Mango or Lahori.


  • Ras Mawa

    If you haven't tried this, it will surely become your favorite! Our Ras Mawa is made with Agha's special mawa flavored ice cream, covered with creamy rabri flavored milk and topped with mixed nuts.